Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Unit

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The water electrolysis hydrogen production unit adopts a unit assembly structure, which mainly consists of an electrolytic cell, a gas-liquid processor (frame), a water pump, a water-alkali tank, a control cabinet, a rectifier cabinet, a rectifier transformer, a flame arrester and other parts.

The working principle of the water electrolysis hydrogen production system is a water electrolytic cell composed of a diaphragm immersed in a pair of electrodes in the electrolyte to prevent gas ingress. When a certain direct current is passed, the water is decomposed, the cathode precipitates hydrogen and the anode precipitates oxygen.

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The development trend of green hydrogen is irreversible. With the implementation of the "dual carbon" strategy, the proportion of green hydrogen applications in China will become larger and larger, and it is expected that by 2060, the use of green hydrogen in China's chemical industry, steel industry and other energy fields will account for 80% of the total hydrogen use. Achieving cost reduction through the large-scale application of green hydrogen and promoting the diversified application of hydrogen energy is an important way for the hydrogen energy industry to achieve high-quality development. In this process, the industry is committed to the large-scale development and utilization of green hydrogen to reduce costs, promote the application of new technologies, and realize the efficient utilization and consumption of wind, solar and hydropower resources, thereby promoting the green and carbon-free development of terminal transportation, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields.


1. The design and manufacture of water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment are strictly implemented in accordance with JB/T5903-96, "Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Equipment".

2. The water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment has a complete set of functions for producing, purifying, cooling and drying hydrogen.

3. The equipment, materials and processes are of the highest quality among similar products in China.

4. The main parameters of the unit, such as pressure, temperature, hydrogen and oxygen level difference, can be automatically adjusted and centrally displayed by the PLC automatic control system.

5. When the parameters of the equipment produce a certain deviation, it can automatically sound and light an alarm. If the deviation from the normal value is too large and the amount of caustic circulation (lower limit of flow switch) and the air source pressure (lower limit of pressure gauge) are lower than the lower limit set value and cannot be handled in time, the system can automatically sound and light an alarm or even stop.

6. In order to further improve the safe operation coefficient of the device, the main parameter pressure of the device is provided with double independent protection. If the system pressure control fails and the operating pressure reaches a dangerous value, the independent system can automatically sound and light an alarm and stop the equipment. Ensure the display of process parameters of each equipment and system in case of start-stop, operation or accident; and also ensure the normal start-stop, safe operation and accident alarm functions of each equipment in the system; realize the automatic control and interlocking functions of the system and each equipment; and facilitate data sharing.

Other Advantages

1. The control system is composed of a higher-level data management machine and a Siemens programmable controller (hereinafter referred to as PLC), and the operating data and operating parameters of the whole set of devices are collected, processed, and transmitted to the local higher-level data management machine by the PLC module installed in the control cabinet, thus completing the operating data management of the whole set of devices.

2. Communication with the host computer is based on the Modbus RTU protocol and the RS-485 interface.

3. The auxiliary system will mainly consist of the following components: an alkaline water tank, a water injection pump, process piping, valves and fittings, a primary instrument, etc.

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