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Company Profile

Company Vision: To be the leader of energy-saving and environmental protection in the photovoltaic, semiconductor and new energy industries, continue to reduce costs and become their energy-saving and environmental protection guards.

Company Name: Shanghai LifenGas Co., Ltd.

Products Category: Gases Separation & Purification /Environmental Protection (VOCs Recovery+ Waste Acid Recovery+ Waste Water Treatment)

Company Honor: Shanghai High-tech Enterprises, Shanghai Little Giant(an award recognizing small to medium-sized high-tech enterprises in Shanghai),Shanghai Specialized and Special-new Enterprise

Business Area: Industrial Gases, Energy, Environmental Protection

Key Products 1

VPSA and PSA O2 Generator/ VPSA and PSA N2 Generator/ Membrane Separation O2 Generator/ Dispersion O2 Generator

● Small/Middle/Large Scale Cryogenic ASU

 LNG Liquefier, LNG Cold-energy liquefaction ASU

● Argon Recovery System

 Helium, Hydrogen, Methane, CO2, NH3 Recycling

● Hydrogen Energy


Key Products 2

● MPC: Model Predictive Control

● Enriched O2 Combustion, Full O2 Combustion

Key Products 3

VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds)

Hydrofluoric Acid Recovery

Waste Water Treatment

Oxygen-enriched Farming

Water Quality Improvement for Open Rivers and Lakes

High Value Chemical Solvent (Without Reaction) Recovery

Enterprise Vision


Shanghai LifenGas dominates the Chinese argon recovery plant market, holding an impressive 85% share, underscoring its market leadership. In 2022, the company achieved an annual turnover of 800 million, with a goal to reach 2 billion in the next five-year period.


Core Team

Corporate brand story (1)

Mike Zhang

Founder, GM

 30years experieces in industrial gas field

● Worked in International companies(Messer, PX, APChina), Master the gas industry preparation and recycling technology, familiar with the commercialization of all links in the industrial chain, have standardized and efficient company management experience, have in-depth insight into the industry, and gather technical elite resources of various specialties in the industry

Corporate brand story (2)

Andy Hao

DGM, Technical management

●  With 18 years of experience in the research and development of special gases, he participated in the development of the first set of rare gas krypton-xenon refining equipment in China

●  Master of Cryogenics, Zhejiang University

●  Profound gas equipment R&D, process design, and project planning capabilities; He has been engaged in the research and development of the world's leading domestic first krypton-xenon refining unit for many years, and is good at cryogenic process design, air separation project management and gas circulation, purification and utilization technology


Corporate brand story (3)

Lava Guo

DGM, Project & Operation

●  30 years of experience in industrial gas project operation and maintenance management
He used to be the chief engineer and production director of a multi-gas company under Jinan Iron and Steel Group; Production Director/Chief Engineer of Gas Plant of Jinan Branch of Shandong Iron and Steel Group

● He has presided over the implementation, production landing, operation and maintenance services of many large-scale gas projects

Corporate brand story (5)

Barbara Wang

Director of Overseas Market and Procurement Operations

 30 years of experience in manufacturing business and procurement management
 She holds a bachelor's degree in materials science from the University of Science and Technology of Beijing, a master's degree from China Europe International Business School, and a master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania
 She used to be a senior commercial manager for Asia at Air Product (AP) and a senior commercial manager at Goldman Sachs Singapore
 Led the establishment of a multi-company Asia procurement and supply chain management system to maximize service value.


Dr.Xiu Guohua

DGM,Chemical engineering, R&D, Expert Leader

 17 years of R&D experience in the gas industry, nearly 40 years of research experience in gas separation and material synthesis
 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Osaka University, Japan, Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
 He used to be the chief engineer of BOC China (Linde), the chief engineer of Air Chemistry (AP) China, and General Motors
 He has presided over the development of a number of advanced gas application technologies, achieved tens of millions of dollars in annual cost reduction for historical companies through process optimization, and published 27 papers in international journals, with 432 citations. He has published 20 papers in domestic academic journals and presented dozens of times in international academic conferences


David Zhang


 30 years of experience in engineering management and business management in the manufacturing industry
 Nearly 10 years of professional management consulting and freelance investor experience
 Master of China Europe International Business School
● He previously held various positions at Praxair China, including Vice President, President of East China, Marketing and Sales Director of China, and General Manager of its joint ventures. He also served as Director of the Office of Shenzhen Sun Hongguang Co., Ltd. and Deputy General Manager of a subordinate oil storage company. Prior to that, he worked as a researcher and engineer at Shenzhen Vanke Group and the State Building Materials Bureau.

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