LifenGas Receives Investment to Help Green Development

Recently, Ori-mind Capital completed an exclusive strategic investment in our company, Shanghai LifenGas Co., Ltd., which provides financial guarantee for our industrial upgrading, technological progress, scientific and technological innovation, etc.

Hui Hengyu, Managing Partner of Ori-mind Capital, said: "Argon gas is an indispensable gas in the production of photovoltaic crystal pulling, which is related to the quality and cost of crystal pulling. Shanghai LifenGas' products and services have helped photovoltaic companies achieve stable and low-cost argon supply, solved the supply bottleneck of argon gas, and are of great significance to the whole industry. With the full release of polysilicon production capacity, the global installed capacity will continue to increase. The market demand for argon gas recovery is strong, and Shanghai LifenGas will continue to benefit. Shanghai LifenGas has strong R&D and technical capabilities, and in addition to its argon business, it can provide more abundant industrial gas products and chemicals in the future. After this investment, Ori-mind Capital will become the second largest shareholder of Shanghai LifenGas and introduce the industrial party Jingtaifu (the holding shareholder of JA Technology). Ori-mind Capital will deeply strengthen Shanghai LifenGas in terms of industrial synergy and corporate governance, and is optimistic about the development prospects of Shanghai LifenGas in the specialty gas industry, helping it to become a large-scale, comprehensive specialty gas supplier.

The Unique Attraction of Shanghai LifenGas

01 Why LifenGas Attracts Investment
Shanghai LifenGas is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to energy-saving and environmental protection gas separation and purification system manufacturing, mainly engaged in the production and sales of high recovery rate argon recovery systems, cryogenic air separation units and industrial gases. Products and services are widely used in photovoltaic, lithium battery, semiconductor and other industries. Shanghai LifenGas' argon recovery system has the leading market share in the field of photovoltaic monocrystalline ingot growing. The argon gas recovery rate of the system can reach more than 95%, and the purity of purified argon is 99.999%, which leads the whole industry in performance and effectively helps the photovoltaic industry to reduce cost and increase efficiency. The company takes advantage of the design and manufacture of gas equipment to realize the extension of the industrial chain, strategically layouts special gases and high purity gases, and is expected to become a professional, comprehensive gas supplier.

02 The Value of Shanghai LifenGas
Over the years, Shanghai LifenGas has adhered to the business philosophy of "supporting the development of photovoltaic, semiconductor, energy, environmental protection and other industries, and continuously creating value", determined to seek innovation and continue to make breakthroughs. With its leading technical capabilities and professional and efficient customer service, Shanghai LifenGas has won the trust and support of our customers and developed a unique core competitiveness.

03 More and More Powerful LifenGas
Shanghai LifenGas continues to carry out product R&D and technological innovation, and has established close scientific research cooperation with Tsinghua University, South China University of Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Jiangnan University, Shanghai Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, etc. Shanghai LifenGas continuously increases R&D investment, expands the scale of R&D center, effectively ensures the company's new product development, new process design and new technology application, and provides strong technical support for industrialization and upgrading the industrial level of the company's key product technology.

Post time: Jan-05-2023
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